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How to find open volunteer positions
You can volunteer using the Events Calendar but there is another way. Go to the menu AYC after logging in and select Volunteering. Here you can search for Category = Bartender or Name = Race. This shows open opportunities pretty much the same as our old Use the magnifying glass to start a search.

Here are some screenshots to help:

volunteer search

bartending search   OR    
The spouse / partner can now have a separate login.
In the past, every membership used a single login. New this year, every member has the ability to login and create his/her very own profile page. If you are happy with the way it is right now, you do not have to change a thing and there is no reason to read the rest of this message. Thanks! This just gives us options we did not have before.

Why the change? 
  • The new website made it difficult if not impossible to look up and contact many of the active spouses/partners in the club
  • The online roster displayed only the primary member in the search results.
  • My interests and opinions are very different from my husband's
  • It's easier to register as a volunteer
  • Your dinner purchases, registrations, and membership dues will still be associated with the membership. (Still choose Guests when registering your dinner companion, then select the Member tab)
  • Your individual photo can be displayed on your profile page, but please make sure we have a photo of both of you for the print roster. Upload location coming soon, or email to
It is not a requirement that you activate your own personal profile. If you choose not to activate before August 2018, we may "demote" you in an effort to save the club a few nickels each month. 
Explanation of fees: ClubExpress, our website and member management provider, bills us by the number of members we have. It costs $4.32/membership/year. A membership consists of a base profile and can include a family member at no added charge. If the membership chooses to have a second profile login, the cost is $2.16/secondary member/year. The Club will pay these fees, regardless of which option you choose.
To activate, go to Member Login. If you share a computer and the primary member has selected Remember Me, it will log him in automatically. Click on his/her name, and select Login as a different user. To create a username or password, click Forgot My Username/Password below the login box, enter your first name and your email address. You'll receive an email with your username and password. It may take up to 5 minutes.
Note - your email address must be different from the primary member's address, and it must be associated with your membership.
Where do I update my wife's profile page?
Good question.

How do I include my spouse/partner when signing up for dinner?

Once logged in, the system already knows who the member is. Select registrant type Member.

Click the Next button.
Click the green Add Guest to Registration. 

A Pop up has 2 tabs.

The “Add Guest” tab allows users to add a Non-Member as a guest.

The “Add Another Member” tab allows users to add a member to their registration, someone who is part of their membership. Your spouse or partner will be listed. Select and click Next. Make appropriate dinner choices, then on the Summary page, confirm that both of you are listed. 
Any member may call Club Express for help. 1-866-HLP-CLUB (457-2582)
How do I make it easier to register?
Make it easier to pay for club events, dinners and merchandise. If you log in before you register or visit the ship's store, most of your information will be pre-filled including your credit card! (Note- cc saved only with your permission) How easy is that?
If you don't log in, and fill out the forms and submit without logging in, you'll create a new "non-member" account. 
One benefit to logging in first, your transactions are saved for your review. Plus of course you can access the member roster, blogs that are not public, and member photo albums that are not public.